Self-care is what works for you.


All you need is to take some time to feed the needs of your physical, mental and spiritual self. Indulge in small things that truly recharge you. And it is going to be unique to every individual. You will have a routine unique to yourself, but we will make it work for you. It might seem hard to have one but it can be simplified by understanding the basics of self-care.
Simple things like hitting the gym or reading a book or even dancing to the songs on your favourite playlist could help improve mood. And when you took care of your mood, you exercised Self-Care! 
Now that we have made it easy to understand, can we start a little Self-Care routine together? 
Let’s follow some quick and simple steps:

Step 1: Pause and take a moment for yourself.

Step 2: Take 10 deep breaths.

Step 3: Pick up a pen and paper and write a letter to anyone you haven’t written to in a while or to us with your thoughts.

Step 4: Share it with us at 27.foryou.

Step 5: Follow @27.foryou to indulge in guided Self-Care.




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